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About Us

Your veterinary doctor in Rice Lake, WI

Services for pets of all shapes and sizes
We offer a wide variety of veterinary medicine and surgical options to treat both cats and dogs. Our state-of-the-art clinic is fully equipped and prepared to accommodate your animal regardless of breed or size. Contact us today to learn more about how one of our doctors can assist you.

Wellness care

To ensure the ongoing health of your pet, Rice Lake Animal Hospital specializes in comprehensive vet services, such as the most current immunizations for your dog or cat, as well as nutritional advice and quality protection from parasites such as ticks, fleas,mites and intestinal parasites. 

We also offer microchipping, dentistry, and weight loss counseling. Our veterinarians will provide all of these services with a caring, compassionate and calming demeanor to ensure your pets comfort. 
Veterinary doctor in Rice Lake doing the checkup on dog

Diagnostic tools

At Rice Lake Animal Hospital our state-of-the-art vet facility is well-equipped to provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic tools and services. Diagnosing and treating any possible diseases, injuries, or illnesses could be as simple as a few routine exams. At Rice Lake Animal Hospital, our veterinarians will discuss diagnostic options with you and make you part of the decision making process at every turn. Working with both you and your pet, our goal is to ensure the quickest return to health for your pet as possible.

Dental solutions

Rice Lake Animal Hospital understands that dentistry can be a scary thought for both people and animals, especially when it may involve general anesthesia. Our veterinarians and staff members are certified and trained in animal dentistry and current techniques. We also specialize in preventative measures to maintain your pet's oral health. With the correct preventative measures, your pet will maintain maximum oral health to prevent more serious dental disease.
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